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cultural appropriation. they love everything about us but us.
"Why am I the only one?  Why can't I evolve?!"
"Takeru. I'm sure we'll meet again."

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I absolutely adore reading all of your polls and data. I cannot express in words how grateful I am to have a nonbiased institution that collects and sorts data into useful and insightful information, & to have access to it. you guys are the best!
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Thank you! Glad to have you as a reader. 

Pew Research gets Tumblr.


Scarlett’s stunt trainning for her role as Black Widow in Iron Man2

“Scarlett hadn’t really done an action role.And she assured me that she would work as hard as she needed to both get in sharp and do her stunts and learn all that stuff.She spent hours and hours and hours for months.By far the most dedicated actor when it came to stunt work and the physical work.” - Jon Favreau:Director&co-star

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Artist Turns Everyday Objects Into Works of Art

Artist Brock Davis doesn’t just rely on pen and paper to manifest his wit. He uses everything from fruits and veggies to googly eyes to create his extensive portfolio.

Everyday Art! We love this ♥


Are you a “Chreaster”?

More Americans search for “church” around Easter than at any other time, with the Christmas season usually ranking second, according to Google Trends data between 2004 and 2013. 

Never was a big fan of #macaroons but these aren’t bad. Flavors include #rosemary & #oliveoil, candied #bacon, #smores, and #tiramisu. #dessert (at Macaron Parlour)

Too many young women I think are harder on themselves than circumstances warrant. They are too often selling themselves short. They too often take criticism personally instead of seriously. You should take criticism seriously because you might learn something, but you can’t let it crush you. You have to be resilient enough to keep moving forward, whatever the personal setbacks and even insults that come your way might be. That takes a sense of humor about yourself and others. Believe me, this is hard-won advice I’m putting forth. It’s not like you wake up and understand this. It’s a process.

Firefighters Battle Boredom With Hose Hovercraft
It’s not the futuristic hovercraft we imagined but we’ll take it!


Firefighters Battle Boredom With Hose Hovercraft

It’s not the futuristic hovercraft we imagined but we’ll take it!

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have a gif of Simon doing the death wiggle <3